Hi and welcome to my art page!

I am Åse Pleym Bakken and have a deep passion for art. I work within different mediums such as painting, woodcut, monotype, mixed media and croquis drawing. Feel free to make contact if you have any questions or if you want to visit me in my studio!


I was born in Trondheim, Norway (1964) and I live in, and my studio is in Oslo, Norway. I studied fine arts at Nydalen Art School in Oslo (1999-2005) and I have a BBA degree in marketing, human resources and international business from Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, USA (1985-1988). I studied marketing at New York University (1986).

My works have been exhibited in art galleries since 2002. Over the years my works have received great feedback from galleries and there have been special assignments by public and private collectors. My works are represented by public institutions and private collections. I am a member of The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists – NBK, BO and BBK.


Creating art is to me an essential needI work within different mediums such as painting, woodcut and monotype. I am interested in interpersonal relationships, emotions and impressions of nature. I follow my own path and my work is created in an intuitive process inspired by travels, singing and music. I never decide in advance what is going to be painted and which colors and materials I will use. The artworks are made from a strong inner force of movement. My work can easily be described as abstract approaches to the emotional rendered into shapes and colors, and a common denominator for my works is the energy.

I like to process and simplify sensory impressions, and it is not what I directly see but my inner expressions of the outer world that are reflected in my work. I like to call it excerpts of a reflection or “capturing a moment’s experience”. I work expressionistically and spontaneously. My visual language is abstract art and abstract figurative paintings. 

I believe that Art exists in a world outside ourselves. To be able to create I devote to the spiritual and leave everything behind. When undetermined forces are allowed to control my feelings, affection and heart, I will discover something along the way and be led into the process.

– Åse Pleym Bakken –


Åse Borghild Pleym Bakken

Born 30.09.1964, in Trondheim, Norway (NO)
Live in, and studio is in Oslo


Croquis, Drammen Art Museum, on Mondays, NO-Drammen 2010-2024
Grafic arts; etching, wood cut, NO-Oslo 2017, 2018, 2019
Monotype, NO-Oslo 2011, 2017, 2022
Nydalen Art School, NO-Oslo 1999-2005
Drawing/Watercolour painting, NO-Drammen/Asker 1995-1998
BBA degree in Marketing, Human resource management and International business, Pacific Lutheran University, USA-Tacoma 1985-1988
Marketing, New York University, Summer 1986


La Muse, Labastide Esparbairenque, Languedoc, France 2012, 2014, 2015
Studies in Provence, France / Séjour en Provence, France 2022, 2023


BO – Visual Artists in Oslo, NO 2019
NBK – The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists, NO 2010
BBK – Visual Artists in Buskerud, NO 2010

Solo Exhibitions

Gulden Kunstverk – Crossroads, NO-Steinberg 2019
Private, NO-Oslo 2017
Gallery Nobel, NO-Oslo 2013
Risør Art Association – cancelled due to Art Gallery closure, NO-Risør 2010
Gallery Albin Upp, NO-Oslo 2008
Gallery Nobel, NO-Oslo 2007
Gulden Kunstverk, NO-Steinberg 2006
Gallery Nobel, NO-Oslo 2006
Private, NO-Drammen 2001
Private, NO-Drammen 1998

Special assignments, public/private

Selected Group Exhibitions

Drammen Art Museum, Croquis, NO-Drammen 2023
Oslo Open – open studio 2023
BO, kuratert «Mistakes Were Made – Members Galore», NO-Oslo 2022
Gulden Kunstverk, NO-Steinberg 2007-2023
Gallery Nobel, NO-Oslo 2008-2022
Oslo Open – open studio 2022
Gallery Nobel, Christmas special exhibition, NO-Oslo 2019
Drammen Art Museum, Croquis, NO-Drammen 2019
Gallery Nobel, Women special exhibition, NO-Oslo 2019
Private, NO-Oslo 2018
Queen Sonja Art Stable, NO-Oslo 2017
La Muse, France-Labastide Esparbairenque 2012, 2014
Florence Biennale, Italy-Florence 2013
Buskerud Art Center, NO-Drammen 2013
Jomfrulandsutstillingen, NO-Kragerø 2011
Drammen Art Museum, Novemberexhibition/Buskerud Art Center, NO-Drammen 2004-2013
Asker Kunsthall, NO-Asker 2010
Bygdøy Lions Artcenter, NO-Oslo 2007-2010
Gallery Nobel, NO-Oslo 2008-2020
Gallery Athene, NO-Drammen 2008
Gulden Kunstverk, NO-Steinberg 2007-2020
Oslo Rådhus Galleri/Town hall, NO-Oslo 2004
Nydalen Art School, NO-Oslo 2004-2005
Veritas Kunstforening, NO-Høvik 2004
Bogstad Gård, NO-Oslo 2004
Ski Rådhus/Town hall, NO-Ski 2003
Galleri Annen Etage, NO-Ski 2002

Selected Collections

Statoil Art Association
Veritas Art Association
Buskerud Central Hospital
The Norwegian Export Credit Guarantee Agency (GIEK)
AIG Artclub
Hydro Art Association
GIEK Credit Insurance A/S
Riksarkivet på Kongsberg
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Fabian Stang, The Mayor – The City Council, Oslo

Norvik Real Estate Agent

Art for sale through

Gulden Kunstverk, NO-Steinberg


Video Florence Biennale 2013, Åse Pleym Bakken


Catalogue Exhibition Gulden Kunstverk 2019 (Open in new window)

Galleri Nobel – 20 years, NO-Oslo 2015
Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy 2013
Gallery Nobel, NO-Oslo 2006, 2007, 2013
Gulden Kunstverk, NO-Steinberg 2006, 2019


Byavisa, NO-Drammen, 2019
IN Magasin 2009
Drammens Tidende & Buskerud Blad, NO-Drammen 2006